• 10/20

    Away @
  • 2/3

    Away @
  • 3/24

    MRG: 160
    DDG: 180*
  • 3/31

    ROCK: 226
  • 4/21

    FRR: 138
    DDG: 184
  • 5/12

    DDG: 117
    TCR: 256*
  • 5/19

    HKR: 102
    DDG: 231*
  • 6/16

    Away @
    Demolition City*
  • 6/23

    Home vs.
    Rock Town*
  • 7/14

    Away @
  • 7/21

    @ Home
    Star Wars
  • 8/18

    Home vs.

Saturday, July 14th

Away game @ Tallahassee Rollergirls

About Tallahassee Rollergirls:

The league was founded in 2006, and joined the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in 2009 as a South Central Region league. Florida State University student Adrianne Chaplin posted a flyer about roller derby and Melissa Smith responded, who organized the first meeting of 12 women in January 2006. The league practiced at a skating rink in Georgia prior to relocating to the Tallahassee Skate Inn. In 2012, the league moved to their current venue, the Hansel Tookes Center at Florida A&M University. Capital Punishment played their first game against Panama City March 24, 2007 and went on to win 6 out of 7 of their first season games, losing only to the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins. Their second season consisted of 7 wins and 1 loss to a home team of founding WFTDA member, Texas Rollergirls. In their third season (2009) the Jailbreak Betties, Tallahassee's second team, lost in their inaugural bout against Burn City Rollers from Auburn, Alabama. The league increased the number of bouts to 17 in 2010, and 23 in 2011 between the two teams.
Tallahassee Rollergirls has two travel teams, Capital Punishment and the Jailbreak Betties. Capital Punishment competes in interleague games which count towards WFTDA national rankings and the Jailbreak Betties function as a training league. Tallahassee also has two home teams, the Legiskators and the Sinators.
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