• 3/04

    DCRG: 171
    DDG: 154
  • 3/18

    DDG: 145
    CRG: 211
  • 4/15

    DDG: 166
    GDD: 184
  • 4/22

    NRG: 100
    DDG: 295
  • 5/06

    DDG: 297
    TCR: 84
  • 5/13

    AJOH: 144
    DDG: 241
  • 6/10

    Away @
  • 6/17

    Home vs.
    Tragic City
  • 7/22

    Away @
    Classic City Crush
  • 8/19

    Away @
    Beach Brawl

Next bout...

Join us June 17th at the NSS Center when we bout against Tragic City Rollers! Click here for details.


Wanna Play Derby?

Dixie Derby Girls are Huntsville Alabama's all female sports league. We have a New Members Night on Sundays from 5-7 PM at Rollertime Skate Rink (Located at 707 Arcadia Circle, Huntsville, AL 35801, 256-489-7655). Gear and skates are provided and a trainer will be there to help you gear up! Some Sundays our practic is moved to Carousel Skate Rink (located at 11319 Memorial Pkwy. SW, Huntsville, AL 35803, 256-880-7655). Message us on our Facebook page and you will be updated if practice is moved.
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DDG Trivia...

  • This year is our league's 11th competitive season.
  • All Dixie Derby Girls members are required to volunteer in the Huntsville community.
  • While Dixie Derby Girls members must be 18+, our junior derby league, the Rocket City Rebels, accepts members as young as 8 years old.


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